You know the Gaylord?

Friedrichshafen, 18. May 2018

You know the Gaylord Gladiator? If not: does nothing. Only intellignet automotive historians are likely to know of the existence of this vehicle. It was built once in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Now, the only complete Gaylord returns to his place of birth.

Two brothers, a car

We look back: in the mid-1950s, the vehicle was repair Friedrichshafen, short FIF, the contract for the construction of a special vehicle. Experience had the now-the Zeppelin group the FIF enough: Before 1945, the mighty Maybach built the car. As a Client, the brothers Jim and Ed Gaylord were, according to them, the extremely expensive sports car was named: Gaylord Gladiator. Overall, only three Chassis were made, only one has been final checked. After the completion of the vehicle in the year 1958, the car came with including a "Rolling Chassis" in the private possession of the family of Gaylord. The third plinth is still regarded as missing.

From Arizona to the lake of Constance

After restoration work, the offset of the vehicle as well as the "Rolling Chassis" is almost in its original state, was the perfectly preserved Gaylord Gladiator with the office of the additional chassis, numerous replacement, construction drawings and other historical documents sold to an elderly car collector from Arizona. At the beginning of 2017, the Zeppelin group finally received a purchase offer for the unique vintage car and hit him.

Pure Luxury

Whether the Design of the Gaylord is successful Gladiator, it is allowed to be discussed. At least the wild Mix of ' 30s-style, plus rear fins are very striking. Technically, it was played in Friedrichshafen, Germany, all the cards: Electrically adjustable seats, electric Windows, power steering and air conditioning meant pure luxury. Truly spectacular in 1957, but the Hardtop, which was sunk by the push of a button fully in the trunk was in the year. Something like that could have at the same time, only the Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner.

Price explosion immeasurably

Ford, however, failed to produce in mass and produced until 1959, almost 50,000 Skyliner. The Gaylord Gladiator remained, however, because of its complex overall concept is unique. It was planned a small series of 25 cars for the price of $ 10,000. The was a lot of wood, but soon this amount proved to be unrealistic. At the end of 17,500 dollars were up for debate. At the then-exchange rate of 4.20 DM to the Dollar that would have been 73.500 Mark, which is the Gaylord Gladiator would have cost more than Twice that of a Mercedes 300 SL.

Live at the Zeppelin Museum

Want to experience the Gaylord live? To 4. November 2018, the Gladiator, in the framework of the exhibition "innovations! The future as a target" in the Zeppelin-Museum in Friedrichshafen, Germany, is shown. After that, he comes as a permanent loan for an indefinite period of time in the holdings of the Museum.(rh)