WRC: Leaving Volkswagen

Wolfsburg, 2 November 2016

The exhaust affair and its consequences are still like dark clouds over the VW and the Volkswagen Group. In addition to the financial management of the past, it also involves the orientation for the future. The motor sport activities now get to feel. Recently, Audi E. now finished his commitment in the endurance World Championship in favour of the formula already VW announced the withdrawal from the World Rally Championship to win four times in a row on driver's and manufacturer.

Realignment of a series winner

VW officially due out the "huge challenges" facing the brand, so development officer Frank Welsch. You wanted now align Volkswagen Motorsport and there too more focus back the future vehicle technology, so Wallace next. Much as in Audi costs and the prospects for success are likely to have played but a role. A number that makes it clear: at 51 rallies the VW works driver in the Polo R went to 42 WINS WRC. There are to win virtually little else. At the same time, the development and production of cars for the first rally League is very expensive.

Customer sports instead of factory usage

So it is not surprising that thinks to VW. In the future you will no longer ride rallies, with a factory team. Instead, the new development of a rally car of R5 category on the basis of the next Polo starting 2017. Interested buyers from 2018 to buy this car. The Group sister Skoda's already with a R5 Fabia WRC 2, so the "second League". The rules here: More standard parts and close to series, a copy may cost more than 180,000 euros.

Guarantee of employment for employees

Discharged no employees at VW Motorsport, but the future of the former factory pilots remains open. The customer sport thought together with the help of the manufacturer continues Golf GTI TCR in the VW for the touring car section. The commitment of Volkswagen in the United States with two special beetle GRC within the framework of the global-RallyCross series remains intact. (rh)