Wörthersee 2018: Trainee Gölfe

Wolfsburg, Germany/Zwickau/Maria Wörth (Austria), 9. May 2018

Tradition, wherever one looks: for the 37. The gigantic GTI-Meeting held at Wörthersee in Austria. With a number of apprentices from VW who have built a special show car for many years. 2018 the young ladies and gentlemen bring two special Golf versions.

Mega GTI from Wolfsburg

Both Golf unique items created in less than nine months, and according to the ideas of the 29 trainees from twelve different Occupations. From Wolfsburg, the VW Golf GTI Next Level. Remarkably, its performance is mainly From the two-liter turbo gasoline engine with 411 HP to be brought in and, with a seven-speed DSG are combined. The unique GTI is painted in the series, color "White Silver Metallic", at the rear, Deep Black pearl effect"". Contrast slides with jagged arrows to complete the overall picture. They are also lacquered as the body kit with rear diffuser and the inner ribbons of the alloy-forged wheels by Hand.

Strong Of Saxony Show

14 trainees from Saxony (more precisely: Zwickau, Chemnitz and Dresden) to unveil at Wörthersee, VW Golf Variant TGI "Gmotion" with 131 BHP natural-gas drive. With A seven-speed DSG and a four wheel drive. The show car is available in Matt and gloss colours lacquered: The Bentley-colors "Ice", "Hallmark" and "St. James Red" in harmony with the Golf series painting, "Deep Black pearl effect". Inside the vehicle, all the decors are provided with a chrome coating. The sports red stitching, sewn in a honeycomb, and an embroidered Gmotion Logo seats. The apprentices installed a coilover suspension that can be lowered up to 40 mm, as well as the front of a 4-piston braking system. In addition, they adapted the underbody and the exhaust system of the all-wheel drive.(rh)