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Detroit ( USA ), June 26, 2015

What interests me the new Chevrolet Cruze, you will now probably say. Understandable from a German perspective, the US brand has yet widely adopted of the year by the local market. And thus the only moderately sold us Cruze. But globally, the sedan is a real hit. Around 3.5 million copies Chevrolet has sold since 2008, making the Cruze is the world's best-selling Chevy. In 2014, about 273,000 Cruze were brought under the population in the United States. Now the second generation is to continue the success.

Compact is relatively

With 4.67 meters, the new Cruze is a good seven centimeters longer than before. The height has been reduced by two centimeters. These are dimensions that have this country seasoned sedans like the Mercedes C-Class. But in the US, the Cruze is considered " compact car ". So he gets to the market launch in early 2016 thrifty 1.4 - liter turbo from the GM Group shelf with 154 hp. It is mated with a six-speed manual, optional, there is a six-speed automatic. With it the car will consume only 5.9 liters on average, because it 113 kilograms lighter than its predecessor. A tankful is so rich for good 850 kilometers. In 2017 a diesel Cruze in will be submitted.

At the height

Otherwise Chevrolet Cruze is the new modern extras such as an up to eight-inch touch screen, are displayed on the diverse when you connect the smartphone apps. In addition, ten airbags, LED headlights, wireless mobile phone recharging, heated rear seats or assistance systems such as a Totwinkelwarner. Those who fancy a sporty look, can order the RS package with rear spoiler and 18-inch aluminum rims. Speaking of order: In the US, the Cruze prices start so far at under 15,000 euros . ( rh )