Wiping away? Not always!

Stuttgart, 20 January 2016

You surely know that: a few meters away a slimy film of salt, water and dirt in winter descends on the car window. With the right windshield cleaners no problem. But what product can stand out from the vast assortment? The society for technical supervision GTÜ took now ten ready windshield cleaners under the magnifying glass.

Who wipes the best?

Among the tested products were mixtures of premium manufacturers such as Sonax or NIGRIN, ordinary hardware store and petrol station cleaner, cheap funds from the supermarket. The cleaning agents were tested on an air-conditioned and fully automated test bench through its paces. It was found that the two cleaners by Sonax and Jet needed only four cleaning cycles with five timed strokes to wipe best performance with approximately 200 ml cleaner satisfactorily clean the disc and therefore "highly recommended". The cleaner by OMV, NIGRIN and total, however, were not even after ten cycles and about half a liter, to clean the disc properly. Find the exact test results into a table in our picture gallery.

Handling and paint compatibility

In addition to the pure effect of wiping the testers took aspects such as handling, operating instructions and paint compatibility in the standings. To briefly summarize it: smaller containers, pouring aid or the convenient stand-up pouches are better than chunky and correspondingly heavy canisters. Also noticed during the test that the cleaner from NIGRIN is a slight hairline cracks in the plastic and damage leaves behind unattractive. (mf)