When will the new Supra?

Cologne, 14 August 2014

Toyota has two new variants of its stunning sports car concept revealed FT - 1 Concept. The original FT - 1 Concept was presented in early 2014 at the Detroit Motor Show and is behind their hands as a view of the upcoming Toyota Supra. One of the two new studies will be unveiled at an event in Monterey, which runs parallel to the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in 2014. The other remains ?? ?? at least provisionally purely virtual.

Racing study for Gran Turismo 6

It is to the FT - 1 Vision Gran Turismo, which will be available as a download for Gran Turismo 6 on the Playstation 3 from September 2014. The newest member of the Vision Gran Turismo group ( among others have VW, Mercedes and Aston Martin, designed specifically for the video game classic new cars) shows how a possible Toyota Supra successor for racing might look like. The FT - 1 GT vision is to be a high-powered variant of the FT - 1, although so far no one knows how the FT - 1 actually motorized ( except that a hybrid drive under the elegant casing inserted).

The noble side of the new Supra?

Much more surprising is the publication of the second FT - 1 version for us. It is graphite gray painted and differs mainly in the interior significantly from the first study from Detroit. The more sporty black and red gives way to a warm and inviting brown here. Toyota calls the car a " sophisticated interpretation" of the FT-1. Although the name " Supra " protected it already early 2014 again, there is still no official statement with respect to a series production. Confirmed, however, that Toyota broods together with BMW on a new sports car. On page of this BMW will probably replace the Z4 . ( sw )