Wheel in a small format

Tokyo ( Japan ), October 1, 2015

In Suzuki 's comeback old model designations currently seems to be in vogue. After Baleno shown at the IAA follows the end of October in Tokyo of Ignis. If you no longer remember: From 2000 to 2007, there was already a small SUV with this designation.

Ostentation on the Home Fair

But first things first: At this year's Tokyo Motor Show Suzuki presents itself with a total of 22 vehicles, included motorcycles. A very Japanese view of the very Japanese Kei-cars of the future are the studies " Mighty Deck " with sliding cover and the " Air Triser " a microvan with three rows of seats. The rear furniture can be rebuilt or a U-shaped sofa in the state in meeting position ( opposite so ).

Wheel and Turbo?

No concept, however, is more of the new Suzuki Ignis. Much concrete are not really the brand, will be promised a good view and a safe driving on snow and rough trails. This points to an all-wheel drive. As the engine came one-liter turbo gasoline engine in question from the Baleno. It is amazing how much the similarities of Ignis to study-4, which was at the Geneva Motor Show in the spring. This was 3.69 meters long, 1.71 meters wide and 1.56 meters high. The wheelbase was 2.44 meters.

Who can solve the Jimny from?

Thus, the IM - 4 ( and presumably also the Ignis ) exactly as long as the Jimny, the bedrock of Suzuki. However, the Jimny is significantly narrower and higher, also the wheelbase is shorter. Whether the Ignis so inevitably the Jimny detaches, is still open. This task could the " Trail Concept " fall. Declared even as a study, is in Tokyo a Ignis variant with rustic attachments in the style of cross-models of VW. Speaking VW: The new Ignis is also a dig at the former partner of Suzuki. There is such a small SUV that is so far only in the planning stage . ( rh )