Wheel from: EcoSport is chic and shorter

Cologne, March 9, 2015

Ford missed its compact SUV EcoSport called a finishing touch. One major change relates to a frequent criticism: Upon request, the car can now also be ordered without a spare on the rear door. This makes it easier to park ?? eventually shrinks as the length of about 26 centimeters. In addition, the Ford people have screwed to the chassis, the spring and damper rates for European preferences are more tightly tuned and lowered the body by ten millimeters. In combination with newly designed rear wishbones and direct steering set the EcoSport now to let go of dynamic.

New winter package and better insulation

Inside, there are some minor changes: To get the dashboard additional chrome bezel, the buttons for power windows are also chromed and the interior lighting is now dimmed. In addition, the parking brake lever is easily changed. New to the range is an optional winter package in which a heated windscreen are combined with heated outside mirrors and heated front seats. Ford also promises an improved noise and vibration comfort ?? for the insulation in the dashboard, the door panels and the pedals were improved. And in 2015, the EcoSport will be ordered with a navigation system and a rearview camera. All modifications are incorporated in June in series production at the new prices, the manufacturer has not yet ruled. The current cheapest EcoSport will cost 17,990 euros.

EcoSport south end of year

At the Geneva Motor Show ( March 5 to 15 2015) Ford has shown how the rassigere "S " model looks. The EcoSport S will be available for purchase from the end. The version shown at Geneva is painted in deep blue and presents itself with black roof and well colored exterior mirror caps. In addition, special 17-inch model, a diffuser element at the rear and tinted windows in the rear. The "S" but only visually stand out from his brothers who ordered engines are the same. There are a 1.5 - liter petrol engine with 112 hp, a one-liter gasoline engine with 125 hp and a 1.5 - liter diesel with now 95 instead of the previous 90 hp. (HD)