VW Jetta: New in 2018

Herndon (USA), 14. December 2017

Different countries, different tastes: While in Germany the Golf is the most popular VW model to the U.S. customers on the Jetta. From January to November 2017, VW was able to sell a total of 108.575 copies of the notchback sedan. Respectable, when you consider that the current Jetta was introduced in 2010. But soon, the successor comes: here are the first pictures.

Arteon in the small format?

On the drawings is easy to see that the new VW Jetta a certain style takes elements of the 20-centimeter-long Arteon. The latter comes only in the summer of 2018 to the US market. Back to the new Jetta: Its shape is more elegant than previously, the length of at the moment of 4.66 meters is likely to remain so. Also on the inside the sedan will be beefed up. The optional "Active Info Display" instead of the instruments, and a 9.2-inch Touchscreen in the center console.

Diesel for the USA

Like the Golf, the Jetta uses in the future, the MQB platform. US journalists, who were already in prototypes on the road, give the drive a 1.4-Liter gasoline turbo engine with eight-speed automatic. So far, the engine looks offer for the Jetta in America: 150 PS (1.4 Liter Turbo), 170 HP (1.8-Liter Turbo) and 210 HP (2.0 litre Turbo), always including a six-speed automatic. Of course, all petrol engines, the Diesel is playing, for obvious reasons, in the US, VWs are no longer considered. Officially, the new VW Jetta will be unveiled soon at the auto show in Detroit (14. up to 29. January, 2018), 2019 then follows the reissue of the US-Passat.(rh)