VW is reflected even in the ring

Nürburgring, 7 December 2016

What does a manufacturer of compact sports Nürburgring genes, if no one can hold a candle friends, standstill but means step backwards and you have a factory rider, who bored already? Correct: You friends sets new goals and just beat your own record. VW has set until a new record for front-driven road vehicles in the "green hell" with the Golf GTI ClubSport S April 2016 and just again due to lack of competition in October 2016 tried with success.

Again two seconds faster

The old and new boss on the ring is called Benjamin Leuchter and drives a VW Golf GTI ClubSport S. The record time of 7: 49.21 minutes which has only burned chandelier in the April 2016 in the Holy asphalt of the Nürburgring-Nordschleife, is already obsolete. In October 2016, the VW team once again grabbed his things and pitched camp in the Eifel. The motto: "there still more must go". And it was more. Chandelier beat the ClubSport-golf in a remarkable round of violence over the course of the Eifel and scratched about two seconds of his own record. The clock remained thanks to perfect conditions with Turbo-friendly cold air and dry track at 7: 47.19 stand, about 3.4 seconds faster than the second-fastest hot hatch, the Honda Civic type R. This lap time banned VW also on video that finally found its way on the YouTube platform and announces the time.

Club sport-Golf and top Coachman

The Golf GTI ClubSport S is already sold out, does not belong but long still to the old iron. With 310 Horsepower, a completely changed front axle compared to the normal GTI and no rear seat, the Wolfsburg is the weapon on each circuit. Record driver Benjamin Leuchter is Volkswagen factory driver and appears except in the TCR-Germany Championship in the long distance Championship on the Nürburgring Nordschleife at the track, where he again proved his class. Since Honda with the upcoming civic type R is must stretch properly, to beat this time. And now: sit back, press the play button and 7: 47.19 minutes just enjoying. But as always applies: Please do not home! (mf)