VW I.D.. Crozz: He comes by 2020

Shanghai (China), 18 April 2017

The Volkswagen Group goes on the car show in Shanghai (19-29 April 2017) on a real electric car parade, although for the time being only in the concept stage. Both the Audi e-Tron concept Sportback concept than even the Skoda mission E, as well as the VW I.D.. buzz put on an appearance similar to and show the possibilities of the MEB. MEB stands for the "electrification modular". It allows a wide variety of model on the same basis as its conventional counterparts.

German Czech friendship

This is clear, for example, through the new VW I.D.. Crozz, which is the third study of the future electric car family of brand. The crossover model (hence the name) shares the technique with the Skoda vision E. So: 83 kilowatt hours battery capacity, 500 km range and a loading time of 30 minutes at 150 kilowatts for 80 percent of "Level" of the battery. More key data of both vehicles: an electric motor front (75 kW power), a rear (150 kW), system performance is located at 225 kilowatt equals 306 HP. The top speed? 180 km/h.

Start of production in the year 2020

Interesting is the comparison with the dimensions: 4.62 metres in length, the VW I.D.. Crozz seven centimeters is shorter than vision E, the same applies to the wheelbase of the Skoda (VW: 2.77 metres, Skoda: 2.85 meters). Although the VW study it is also shorter than a Tiguan all space, the space should be even better. The boot capacity is 515 liters. What is more remarkable? The switchable autopilot already familiar from the other I.D..-studies, the driver is with augmented reality technology on a head-up display with remarks, "the space are". Also a package delivery in the car is possible. All pure pie in the sky? Rather not: VW Chief Herbert Diess says that the production of the I.D.. scheduled Crozz in 2020. By 2025, VW per year to sell worldwide one million electric cars. (rh)