VW Group strategy Ade tradition, hello future

Ade tradition, hello future

You do not hold on to all traditions: In the future, not necessarily every current model of the VW group get a successor. For this, the customer might perform in the future a facelift itself.

Martin Winterkorn predicts big changes for the auto industry, " one of the greatest breaks in the history of the automobile". At the Geneva Motor Show presented the VW boss substantial model strategies of car manufacturers in question and at the same time a VW - own program for the future prospect.

Against the background of rapidly changing customer requirements it was necessary to question, for example, " whether any existing model always automatically receives a successor. " So he doubts a decades-long practice in their own house at: but For example, if the segment bestseller in the VW portfolio Golf, Polo and trade since the mid-1970s launched in ever new generations.

Is more likely that people increasingly expected entirely new concepts and body styles, said Winterkorn. A discipline in which lie the Wolfsburg just as with the large-scale expansion of its SUV family over backward. Accordingly, a good position to see the CEO of Volkswagen AG, in particular thanks to the modular construction sets: . " They put us much faster, more flexible and to develop and build than previously in the economic situation our cars "

The corollary: Even the usual model cycles of seven to eight years are outdated, believes Winterkorn. After all, the industry must adapt quickly to rapidly changing customer needs. The fact that the car will the mobile computer more and more, have " revolutionary consequences for future operation ." The fact that the VW Group, for example, believes in the virtual cockpit here, show in Geneva not only several studies, but with the new Audi TT is a production model, which has a freely configurable screen.

Regardless of the previous model cycles could the progressive digitization model revisions in future define different ". Perhaps worried the client part of the facelifts of tomorrow and even themselves, via software update in the garage at home " meet the new challenges to oppose, will Winterkorn " our thinking and readjust " action. In a future initiative (" Future Tracks" ) to devise new ways of the brightest minds in the development, production and strategy.