VW Golf GTI TCR Concept

Reifnitz (Austria), 11. May 2018

Currently, the most powerful versions of the VW Golf to wear the letter R. But now the wolf show burgers on the GTI-Meet at Wörthersee, a GTI, which reduces the distance to the Golf R threat. Say Hello to the VW Golf GTI TCR Concept.

Pretty rapidly

VW says the Golf GTI TCR Concept is the road version of the racing car from the international TCR series. From a two-liter turbo gasoline engine 290 HP to be gotten already from 1,600 Rpm to the maximum of 370 Newton-metres is to be made available. Always standard a Seven-speed DSG and a transverse lock for the front wheels. The maximum speed of the production version will be limited in the normal state at 250 km/h, on request, the limit can be repealed. On the speedometer up to 264 km/h. are then

In series from the end of 2018

According to Jürgen Stackmann, the Board member for sales at Volkswagen, the production version of the Golf GTI TCR the end of 2018 on the market. Including 18-inch forged wheels, 19-inchers is available as an Option. On Board a high-performance brake system with perforated discs is, in addition, the GTI-Top model gets two additional water cooler. To request a package to sharpen the GTI TCR: It includes, in addition to the higher top speed for even more dynamic sport-tuned suspension, new 19-inch wheels and adaptive chassis control DCC.

Downstream Of The Shafts Optic

Also in terms of the look of the Golf GTI TCR differs from that of his civilised brethren: to the Front there is a redesigned bumper velvet Splitter, with the addition of threshold up sets on the side lot lines to the rear. There they meet a diffuser and the tailpipes of the exhaust system. When you Open the front doors, the TCR is projected Logo on the Asphalt. In the interior are dominated by the color Red, whether it tracks on the center of the seats or at the 12-o'clock marking on the steering Wheel.(rh)