VW: Electrically to the summit

Wolfsburg, 20. October 2017

VW wants to know: On 24. June 2018. the legendary Pikes Peak mountain race in Colorado (USA) a purely electric race car at the Start Now there's a first image.

Advertising on the slopes

To see a roundish flat car for Pikes Peak, typical, very large spoilers. Details VW not price. Development chief Frank Welsch says only: "Our electric racecar will be equipped with innovative battery and powertrain technology. The extreme load test on Pikes Peak will provide us with important insights for the further development and a showcase for our products and technology." You mean: VW uses the opportunity to promote its future electric cars with the Label of I. D., especially in the home of Tesla. At the same time, the electric propulsion technology is being tested. It provides up to 4,300 meters altitude a decisive advantage. Unlike internal combustion engines, there is no drop in performance, in addition, the maximum torque is available from the Start.

With two engines almost to victory

Already in the 1980s, VW at Pikes Peak ran in the race. 1986 took Jochi Kleint with a Bimotor-Golf in fourth place. At the time, a Polo engine caused the front and rear for a total of 500 HP. In just 3.4 seconds, went to 100. In the following year two 1.8-litre 16V units were, respectively, 326 HP under the hoods. The Monster Golf by Front-, rear-or all - wheel drive could be moved. However, the fate wanted it otherwise. In the lead, retired Jochi Kleint two curves before the finish with suspension damage.(rh)