VW crafter gets twin

Munich, 11 August 2016

Already in the autumn 2015, it had announced a new model called TGE. This is however not a completely new car, but a Rebadging version of the VW crafter finally also it belongs to the VW Group. Now, there are details about the vehicle.

Two wheelbases, three heights, three lengths

In addition to a closed Panel van and a glass-enclosed station wagon chassis with single and double cab are offered. The latter can order itself also with different structures at the factory. Two wheelbases, three roof heights and three vehicle lengths are available. The van, for example, can be 5,98 or 6.83 or also 7.39 metres long. The height is either 2.34 or 2.58 or even 2.80 meters. The cargo area has up to 18.3 cubic meters. The entry-level 3.0 tons gross vehicle weight, the upper end is 5.5 tonnes. More 3.5 tons are moving when a trailer is coupled.

2.0 TDI four power levels

Also, the drives are varied. Front, rear - and all-wheel drive are possible, either with a six speed gearbox and eight-speed automatic transmission. Under the hood, the 2.0 litre diesel with the internal designation of EA 288 commercial from the VW comes T6. The power level 102, 122, 140 and 177 are offered HP. Even for the driver's seat, there are four different versions. The standard city emergency brake function automatically brakes the vehicle at low speeds. There is also a rear drive Wizard and a trailer manoeuvring Wizard, and an Abstandstempomaten.

Service contracts and fleet management

Flexible maintenance and repair contracts, warranty extensions, a mobility guarantee as well as a 24-hour breakdown service are offered. So the entrepreneur always know when which vehicle is where and in what state it is a fleet management software called digital van solutions will be offered. The service informed then example way of maintenance and operational availability of the fleet. Order for the TGE is March 2017, followed two months later by the extradition.

Now in addition to heavy trucks also transporter

For the first time offered a transporter with the TGE. So far, the MAN range of 7.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight began in the future starts with 3.0 tons. MAN CEO Joachim Drees in the autumn 2015 established so the step: "many of our customers who have heavy goods vehicles in the fleet, require also transporter. "Therefore is the TGE a smart complement our existing range of vehicle." (sl)