Volvo S60 also as T4

At the time of writing, we in California know the new Volvo S60. During that event is Volvo announced that the car from the end of the following summer also available as T4. The engine itself has also a novelty: instead of 190 delivers the block from that moment on, 197 hp.

The T4 hp its way into the S60, is an obvious choice of Volvo, that a still adequate motorized 'entry-level' in the house. The engine delivers its power via a achttrapsautomaat to the front wheels. Also in stationwagenversie V60, we expect this version of Volvo's 2.0 in the near future. For all Volvo's with the T4 designation will apply that the motor is no longer 190, but 197 hp supplies. Also the S90 and V90 with the entry-level petrol engine will allegedly benefit. For the XC60 Volvo has no known T4-plans, because the brand states that the majority of the buyers will go for the more powerful T5 The range is completed by two plug-in hybrids, the 340 horsepower T6 Twin Engine and the T8 Polestar Engineered with 405 hp. Diesel engines are not and are also not available in the S60.

The production of the new S60 for the Netherlands begins in week 5 and the delivery will start around week 15 of 2019. In the first instance, it will only be for T5 and T8 versions, the T6 will follow in the summer of 2019. Even then like I said, the T4. In the Netherlands, the S60 always sporty dressed, because here appears the car only if R-Design. Only the T8 is Polestar Engineered.