Volvo buried the Diesel

Cologne, 16. May 2018

Where is the Diesel? For Volvo, the response of the track is the Parking. On the part of Sweden to be offered from 2019 all newly launched models only with gasoline engine, as a Plug-in Hybrid or pure electric car. The beginning of the new S60.

S60 from U.S. production

A S60-Detail provides the Background for the decision: The sedan will be produced exclusively in Charleston in the U.S. state of South Carolina, and from there exported. In Charleston Volvo has built a new plant, also because the notchback sedan is to succeed, especially in the USA. There, the Diesel Car drive only plays a minor role, which is why Volvo opted to self-detonator. Add to that the Swedes are not represented, in contrast to the German Premium competition so massively in the fleet business, in which the Diesel is still the first choice.

Pure gasoline with no future

Ergo, the S60, is based as its combo brother V60 on a scalable platform starts, from 2019, with four-cylinder petrol engines and two versions with a Plug-in Hybrid. Mild Hybrids will follow. Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson is not content, meanwhile, with a development stop for new diesel engines: "We will make cars with internal combustion engines be phased out. Petrol-Hybrid versions are in the future, our offer in the transformation phase on the way to full electrification." Starting in the year 2025 50% of all worldwide sold Volvo to drive Cars solely on electric power.(rh)