Video game meets reality

Silverstone (United Kingdom), 11. October 2017

18. October 2017 will see the release of racing simulation "Gran Turismo Sport" for the PlayStation 4. The latest teaser video, we know that the graphics of the video game is likely to be stunning. With reality you can't compete. In order to clarify the always diffuse expectant border between the digital and the real world, Nissan has decided to modify a real GT-R so that he can be with a Controller of the Sony game console remote control. The curtain on the GT-R/C.

Four robots take over the work in the Cockpit

"R/C" stands for "Remote Control", so "fernstegeuert". In the car, four robots perform all of the tasks – steering, braking, accelerating, changing gears. They receive their commands over the radio and respond up to 100 Times per second on the latest signals. A Computer interprets the commands, so that they can be understood by all on-Board systems. The radio range is a Kilometer. If the "driver" should fail, however, or he loses control, can access two more pilots to the controller, to turning off the engine and apply the brakes.

211 km/h, 122 km/h on average

To prove that all the tags work only in theory, was handed over to the GT-R/C (or the Controller) to the Nismo racing driver Jann Mardenborough. From a helicopter, followed the car and managed the former GT Academy winner, then the GT-R/C, and accelerated it to a maximum of 211 km/h. He has made an average speed of 122 km/h and the fastest flying lap was 1:17 minutes measured.(ml)