Very subtly tapered

Munich, 17 January 2017

It's amazing, but yes, the BMW is due for precisely this 4 again three and a half years old and therefore, according to the internationally accepted rules of facelift. 4 Cabrio and 4 Gran Coupé have six months or a year under his belt, but if it is so beautiful here, gell worldwide BMW managed to get 400,000 copies of its sporty mid-size since mid-2013 (50 percent of them accounted for by the way four-door Gran Coupé). Whether this is good? It feels at least as. And these numbers must also liked the BMW managers. Otherwise the facelift of the 4 series would have probably something more extensive. Yes, we admit it: we had certain problems, to detect any changes the model maintenance at first glance. You are more easily do all new features at a glance.

Hard to see from the outside

We start with the sheet metal dress. That's 4 why you decided in the Munich Designlabor well rather handle it with kid gloves at the BMW basically very becoming. Changes to the front and rear notice therefore only genuine brand enthusiasts. The same applies to probably the four new wheel creations in 18 - and 19-inch. Already the new bi-LED headlights, which are now standard in all 4ern are more striking. Also at the rear, BMW has opted for new lights. Should a total indicated greater presence and optical width the lifted 4, then the designers have achieved their objective.

Inside noble

Inside, however, it was the designers mainly more exclusivity and quality. Who compares the one or the other material of the previous 4 with the one or other material of a current Mercedes c-class Coupe, realizes quickly that this is a pretty good idea. BMW's quality increase with more chrome applications, new galvanized surfaces, more decorative stitching and a glossy black bezel in the center console. We already know all of this to a large extent by the 2015-facelift of 3ers the really very good for the new nobility in the Interior. New at the 4, also a modified sport steering wheel, new interior trims, as well as three new leather interiors in the illustrious shades are Midnight blue, cognac and ivory white.

Sportier suspension tuning

There is good news for all enthusiasts of driving dynamics. She was not just the Achilles heel at the 4 before the face lift, but the industrious BMW engineers probably still a whole portion found extra curves fun, to mutate into the enemy of all discs without the Coupé. In this case, BMW speaks of a "significant increase in the dynamic potential still comfortable". In plain language this means: 4 Coupé and 4 Gran Coupé (the convertible strangely not) get a tighter suspension with optimized dampers as well as an improved coordination of the electromechanical power steering. The result should be a few rolling movements, a better directional stability, as well as a more neutral behaviour in the border area. This is true for the series chassis as well as for the M Sport suspension and the solution with Adaptive dampers. Also BMW now offers a new high-performance tires stronger 4 from the 430d/430i for all. If you intend to make the one or the other Trackday with their diesel-Gran Coupé after closing time.

Front in nothing new

"Everything as before" it means when you look under the hood. As usual, there are the three gasoline engines 420i (184 HP), 430i (252 HP) the 440i (326 HP) six-cylinder and three diesel 420 d (190 HP), 430d (258 PS) and 435d xDrive (313 HP). Only for the Gran Coupé is also to have the 418d with 150 hp. All-wheel drive is there on request for all 4 with the exception of the 418d Gran Coupé and the 420i convertible.

Operation comes from the new 5 series

For more news, we must ourselves again in the 4 stunning interiors and grapple with the infotainment. Like the new 5 series, the user interface of the large "professional" system is now divided into six tile icons that float up and move. The individual tiles also have a live display. The current navigation route or a just played songs appear already in the main menu. Also new: A digital instrument carrier of its display according to the driving mode (Eco Pro, comfort, sport, sport plus) changes. The facelift post comes to the indispensable topic of connectivity in the form of a Smartphone Inductive charging station, a Wi-Fi hotspot, as well as the integration of Apple CarPlay. And the M4? Get the new lights, upgraded cockpit, as well as the enhanced infotainment. Otherwise, everything will remain as it was. The market launch of the revised BMW 4 (Gran Coupé and convertible Coupé) takes place on March 1st 2017. BMW promises prices that ausstattungsbereinigt previous level should be. Go at least 46,800 Euro Coupé and Gran Coupé, convertible costing 420i 39.650 euro for the 420i. (black & white)