V8 GT with 600 HP from Maranello

Maranello (Italy), 23. August 2017

Ferrari will be at the IAA in 2017 (14. - 24. September) show a new V8 GT. However, even before the auto show in Frankfurt, the Italian auto maker has unveiled the Topless sports car and successor to the California T the new Ferrari in Portofino. We have the Details of the Cabrio, which was named after a small Italian port town.

More aggressive Styling and aerodynamic tweaks

The Portofino is much more aggressively styled than its predecessor. To the Front there is a wide grille opening that extends from edge to edge. The new LED headlights at the outer edges there is another air inlet that directs the air into the front wheel arches and then along the sides of the Vehicle. The rear design emphasizes the sporty Exterior of the car, which is emphasized by the further apart-placed rear lights in addition. When the folding roof is a Hardtop that can not) be called at low speeds (a number of Ferrari is open or closed.

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

A few Numbers: The Portofino is not 4,59 meters long, 1.94 meters wide and 1.32 meters high, and slightly longer, slightly wider and just as flat as the California T. The weight of the Ferrari is expressed. The Cali was 1.730 kg on the scale and the redesign of Chassis and body components has been reduced, according to Ferrari, the weight ... with increased torsional stiffness. The weight distribution of the Portofino is 46 to 54 percent (front/rear).

More power, more torque

In the California T, you had to come along with lousy 560 HP and 755 Newton-meters of torque. The Portofino is raised with new components (pistons, connecting rods, intake system, exhaust system) and a specific calibration Management Software, the Power of the 3,9-Liter-V8-Biturbo. At 600 horsepower and 760 Newton metres of torque. 0-100 km/h is achieved in 3.5 seconds and a top speed according to Ferrari at over 320 km/h. When you get this performance, however, too often, the stated average fuel consumption of 10.5 litres per 100 kilometres will probably not be realized.

Driving dynamics and comfort

The dynamic characteristics of the Ferrari Portofino has also been revised. Thus, the electronic Differential of the third Generation (E-Diff3), to the driven rear axle with F1-Trac is used, whereby both the mechanical Grip as well as the control of the car on the Limit should be improved. The Ferrari Portofino is also the first GT of the series, which is equipped with an electric steering system. The magneto-rheological damping system has been improved in addition, in order to reduce the rolling resistance, so Ferrari.

The interior and the price

In the interior of the manufacturer's packing all sorts of comfort and convenience Features. The four-seater (the rear seats are traditionally for very short trips or small children) with a new Infotainment System with a 10.2-inch touch screen, a new air conditioning system, a new steering Wheel, 18-way adjustable Seats and an optional passenger display. And by a new wind deflector, the air flow and noise when the roof is open, could be according to the manufacturer, to 30 percent. Price Ferrari is not announced yet.(ml)