Up to 10.7 liters of displacement, and 2,200 lb-ft of torque

Stuttgart, 20. June 2017

the Tourismo RHD: The first Mercedes coach, wore a name, started in the year 1994. With an annual production of an average of 1,000 pieces, he soon became the most successful coach in Europe. After the first generation of exchange in the year 2006 the third Generation now follows. Also, it bears the name of the Tourismo RHD (for "travel-high-Decker").

Seven per cent more fuel efficient

The new Tourismo RHD, there are numerous variants, so that it is suitable as a long-distance bus, coach, Shuttle transport and day trips alike. Particularly important to Mercedes was the economy. The fuel – reduced consumption due to optimized aerodynamics and a weight savings of almost five percent. Adding the fuel-consumption advantage of in the summer of 2016, introduced in generation of engine OM 470, then the saving amounts to up to seven percent.

Top motor with 2,200 Newton-meters of torque

The OM 470 is a series of six-cylinder Diesel with 10.7 litre displacement. To levels of the well-known power 360, 394 and 428 HP, a new top of the range now comes with 456 HP and no less than 2200 Newton metres of torque. At the other end of the range of what is happening: The ultra-compact in-line six-cylinder OM 936 with 7.7 litre displacement, the new entry-level engine. He delivers 354 HP and 1,400 Newton meters. All engines meet the Euro 6 standard through an SCR System with a 40-litre Adblue Tank. As standard, there is a six-speed circuit with Joystick controls, optional will be offered via a steering column lever-operated eight-speed automatic. Is always the rear axle, the buyer can choose between two Translations – for maximum traction and lowest fuel consumption.

The cruise control ensures start-up

For low consumption, a predictive cruise control makes in the future. Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) takes into account the navigation data (including altitude profile of the route ahead), as well as the current load, and selects, in combination with the automatic speed and gear. So PPC accelerates from strong gradients and chooses to rise ahead the appropriate gear, before the tips of the Gas and switches in appropriate situations in a sailing mode.

Adaptive cruise control with Stop-and-go function

Similar to Cars, a radar-based anti collision system is offered. With an additional function of adaptive cruise control in Stop-and-go-regulates traffic in the state. The Bus is not longer than two seconds, get him out of the System automatically. Also will be offered for the first time a fatigue wizard. At the light, you have the choice between Halogen and xenon light, LED technology will only light up for turn signals, position and the like are offered.

Kitchen, bathroom and rest room

The new Tourismo RHD offers convenient entrances, and a bright, friendly interior, Mercedes. The new Seating is even reminiscent of top class limousines. With different design options for the floor, the seat covers, the side walls, the curtains, the shelves on the bottom side of the Luggage, as well as the Central ceiling of the Bus can be individually designed. A on the interior design tailored kitchen behind door number two increases the travel comfort. Among them, there are a number of outdoor and indoor accessible space, the (can serve with mattress, air-conditioning and on-Board telephone provided) as a driver rest room. Opposite the kitchen is the optional Laundry room is arranged with on-Board toilet. Optionally, there is also a Lift for passengers with wheelchairs. For the contemporary "connectivity" ensure that the USB or power connections at the wall, as well as a Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Four models, three lengths, two Cockpits

With four models in three lengths and with two or three axes of the high-Decker in terms of covers of space, many of the claims. A special feature is the possibility to choose between a functional and a very comfortable Cockpit variant. The Tourismo RHD is from July 2017, to be ordered, the production starts by the end of 2017. (sl)