Uniti is coming

We know Sweden, of course, of all the Volvo's and Saabs, but a new Scandinavian brand is on the way. Uniti unveiled this week its pilot plant in Great Britain, where in 2020 the productieband need to roll.

In the British Silverstone Park to the real Uniti-factory. Uniti already has a research and development centre in Northamptonshire and cast next to the factory also has an office in London from which all the financial burden is picked up. Uniti choose Great Britain as the plans of the start-up in line with the British 'Grand Challenges'strategy, where the focus on zero emission and autonomous vehicle technology.

At the end of last year drew the Swedish company the cloth of his first concept car, which the original name 'One' got. The One is a very compact, fully-electric city car that, thanks to a 22 kWh large battery pack on a load of about 300 km far to can come. Uniti has the 2,91 m-long two-seater with the help of a series of great names developed, including Tele2, Fanuc Robots and Nvidia. In addition to organic and electric technique is a low entry-level price of high importance to the Uniti: the One for € 14.900 available. By the end of 2019 presents Uniti reportedly his first production models. A year later, marks the starting point for the productiebanden in the British factory.

In a year's time would Uniti all for € 70 million pre-orders of the One to pick up. On the website of the Uniti, it is possible to place an order for € 149.