Ultimate Saxony bolide

Radeberg, July 24, 2015

Almost exactly one year Bernd Nömer exhibited Saxony Radeberg his dream car in front: the V77 GT. The extravagant bolide is based on the Corvette C6, and also got the drive. That's a 6.2-liter V8, which induce creates brutal 477 horsepower V77 in GT and powert with 626 Newton meters. Such fired, the Saxony-Ami sprints in 3.9 seconds and creates impressive 320 km / h top. A dozen of the V77 racer wants Bernd Nömer build. As he has now told us on the phone, five pieces are already ordered. This is no mean feat, eventually cost the car proud 177,000 Euro ?? which is over 100,000 euros more than were previously required time for the platform dispenser.

Two turbochargers or two compressors

Now the engineer sets vigorously to and will provide the occasion of the five-year anniversary of the V88 to the wheels. As a basis, the Corvette C6 Z06 is used this time. Initial computer drawings that the V88 is a fairly hot iron. The body is largely designed to end, the chassis is still under construction, explains Nömer. And the seven-liter V8 has once again on the bench. The engineer plans, either abzufordern the aggregate by two turbochargers or two compressors 800 hp. The torque should be at more than 750 Newton meters.

Three seconds to 100

Since the Sachsen - flounder will only weigh 1299 kg, this power plant has an easy game: After three seconds, the hundreds - mark is to be cracked, as are top 360 km / h targeted. The contact with the road P - Zero tires ago by Pirelli. In front are 255mm mounted on 19-inch wheels, rear 20-inch aluminum rims are covered with 305er - tires. Special attention have you, so put on the finishing touches of Nömer dynamics and lateral acceleration. The weight distribution is optimal 50:50. And yet a significant value provides the V88: Its trunk volume is 500 liters. Downer: From the racy Asphalt burner from Bierstadt Radeberg only five pieces to be built. And each will cost 277,000 euros . ( hd )