Turkey plans its own automobile brand

Ankara (Turkey), 6. November 2017

You underestimated it: The Turkish automotive market is one of the largest in Europe, with Around one Million new vehicles are registered there each year. In addition, many car brands produce in Turkey, including Hyundai i10 and i20, but also Honda, Toyota, Fiat and Renault. Now, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced an ambitious project: The first completely in his country, developed and built an electric car.

Market launch for the 2021 planned

How serious Turkey is this goal, the ambitious time plan: in 2019, the first prototypes should be created, 2021 to roll up the electric car to the dealers. Currently, the project enjoys the government's highest priority. In the process, if you want to use the basics, which has been acquired in Joint-Ventures with foreign car manufacturers and suppliers. A report in the Turkish edition of Motor1.com according to the five major local companies are involved in the project, at the same time, the announcement of the vehicle already provides a great deal of attention in the country.

The heritage of the Anadol

Recently, the idea of a purely Turkish car is not: in 1966, the Anadol went into production. Its Design was Reliant by the British manufacturer, the technology supplied Ford. A special feature of the notchback sedan, the car body out of fiberglass. Until 1986, the Anadol built models, in parallel, there was a license-built Ford vehicles. Today, Ford Otosan manufactures "" among other things, the Transit Connect.(rh)