Turbo master: BMW 2002 tribute

Munich / Pebble Beach (United States), 19 August 2016

It is time again so far: on the U.S. West Coast that meets who's who of the automotive industry enthusiasts to the Concours d ' Elegance at Pebble Beach (18 to 21 August). In this context, not only extravagant vintage are presented and auctioned, manufacturers also use the stage to present unusual studies. BMW has the BMW 2002 homage in the luggage, which should not only recall the own history of turbocharged engines this year.

The BMW 2002 turbo of the seventies

But from the beginning: it was the year of 1973, when BMW with the 2002 turbo was the first production car with Turbo technology in the European market (Yes, even before the 911 Porsche had Turbo). So, the then rather average 02 series was expanded by a snappy sports car with 170 HP. Only 1,672 were built from the cars with two-liter four-cylinder engine and exhaust Turbo. The new price at the end of production in 1974 amounted to DM 20.780.

Interpretation in form of a design study

Back in the now: "the BMW 2002 Hommage celebrates the extraordinary feat of engineering that behind the BMW Turbo technology and interpreted it in form of a new design study", Karim Habib, head of design BMW says automobiles. "With the iconic orange-and-black livery, the vehicle carries the colors that are the epitome of the successes of the 1970s for numerous motor sport fans." Meant here is the BMW 320 Turbo Jägermeister, which in a similar liqueur livery at the German Racing Championship went. The Turbo unit was later as a 1.5-litre development of the formula 1 season 1983 World Champion motor.

The proportions of that time

The BMW 2002 tribute as his role model from the 1970s characterized by compact proportions with a long wheelbase, short overhangs, and the distinctive "sharknose". More significant references are a carbon bar that surrounds the study from the front to the rear, the typical double-kidney, the two round single headlights, as well as the almost rectangular taillights and the characteristic exhausts. 20-incher, which are slightly oversized as the wheels of that time sitting in the wide wheel arches.

An exciting driving experience. But with what drive?

To join also aerodynamic details like the large spoiler mounted on front and rear, as well as numerous vents, which should provide for optimal flow and maximum output in all driving situations. BMW expects "an exciting driving experience full of dynamism and agility". Which drive contributes to this driving experience, still does not reveal BMW. Because the study but based on the current M2, can be assumed by a six-cylinder turbo petrol engine with at least 370 HP. A view of a possible M2 CSL? Here it says wait. (ml)