Touched Le Mans

Krefeld, October 1, 2015

Le Mans 1955: The Jaguar D-Type will win the legendary 24-hour race at the Sarthe. And also in the following years 1956 and 1957 the open race cars from England is the win the endurance classic. The fascination with the D-Type is still unbroken and so it is no surprise that Jaguar tuner Arden now wants to put a concept car on the legs that is oriented to the racing legend.

Toothy pleasure

Based on the Jaguar F-Type Arden now presents the first study of-getauften the name " AJ 23 CC " project. As was the quite similar, even on the legs supplied by Jaguar Project 7, the windshield was heavily modified. When Project - 7 only eleven centimeters shorter than normal, it was fully replaced by a transparent tape on the AJ 23 CC, which just so likely to protect the eyes of pilots ?? but nothing more. 21-inch alloy wheels and aerodynamic conversions to press the weight of the fresh air - athlete.

Compressor conversion with 700 hp

Also under the hood is a lot to do. Where the Project - 7 must even survive only with 253 HP still with 575 and the D-Type, a supercharger conversion will bring the concept car to 700 PS. To the power to master, also has a seven-speed manual transmission in planning. Whether, how and when the AJ 23 CC is reality, and what it should cost, stands at the present time, however, still in the stars . ( mf )