Top model for plugging in

Munich, 20 July 2016

While there are the normal hybrid BMW only in the form of the ActiveHybrid 5, plug-in hybrid models are offered in more and more models. In addition to the i3 with range extender and the i8 there recently also plug-in versions of the X 5, the 2 active tourer and the 3 series. To load models in the future with the epithet "iPerformance" the top limousine in the versions 740e comes iPerformance, 740Le iPerformance and 740Le iPerformance xDrive.

As strong as a 740i

The drive consists of a four-cylinder gasoline engine with 258 HP and a 83 kilowatts or 113 Horsepower electric motor. The system performance of the 326 HP and the total torque of 500 Newton metres, as well as the standard Sprint in 5.4 seconds (740e iPerformance) approximate the data of the conventionally powered six-cylinder model 740i. Even the top 250 km/h not lags behind the normal model.

"The strongest BMW four-cylinder"

The two-liter gasoline engine in the new 7 series variants is described as "the most powerful four-cylinder engine ever used in a production model from BMW". If the lower jaw still doesn't fall down us, it is because that the nearest weaker aggregate (known from the 330i) has only six Horsepower of less, and Mercedes will bring as you know up to 381 Horsepower from four cylinders. The electric motor integrated into the gearbox housing contributes to driving 250 Nm. With the AWD model 740Le xDrive iPerformance is the force no matter whether one or both engines comes distributed on all four wheels.

Less trunk

The E-machine takes over the function of a generator and produces energy for the lithium-ion batteries. They are under the rear seat, which decreases the trunk from 515 to 420 litres. The battery stores NET 7.4 kilowatt hours, which is enough in the standard cycle for 41 to 48 kilometers. To wall outlet, recharging takes less than four hours, to the "BMW i wall box" under three hours.

Drive control over rotor button

The driver with the rotor button determines the hybrid mode. At auto eDrive is regulated the interplay of the motors of the system. Up to 80 km/h in drive then usually electrically, until or heavy gas usage, the internal combustion engine is switched on. Max eDrive is electrically driven in, as long as it performs no kickdown. With the mode battery control you can determine that energy is saved for a later electric drive target values from 30 to 100% can be set.

3,600 euros extra, but also better equipped

Compared to the similarly powerful 740i is a supplement of 3,600 euros to pay: the 740e iPerformance there from 91.900 euro. While the the plug in versions is however to keep in mind. It includes a stationary air conditioning, sunscreen roller blinds, heated seats front and rear, 18-inch wheels and the charger to the wall outlet. (sl)