Zumikon ( Switzerland ), 16 February 2015

For the 21st time, the Swiss company Rinspeed concept at the Geneva Motor Show ( March 5 to 15 2015), as her thoughts on automotive future look like this. This year will Frank M. Rinderknecht, the strong man and genius behind it Rinspeed, provide a self-navigating small electric car based on the BMW i3 stir. The Rinspeed Budii to become the "best buddy ", that is the best friend of his driver. His autopilot wants to ensure adapt quickly to the habits and preferences of its occupant, reducing the maintenance of the car to a minium. There is an infotainment system with many large screens and the latest craze when it comes to networking technologies. Thus saith the Budii with other networked vehicles or automatically pay the parking ticket. Also possible: wireless mobile phone charging and smart access solutions to open the vehicle to start, or to personalize.

Budii learn

In addition Budii should also be capable of learning. Thus, the concept car information from its environment as well as their own experiences or those of other vehicles wants to consider along the route. Rinderknecht says: "In the future, the car will do the same as we do. It is a day to learn and thereby meet the complex requirements of the modern individual traffic getting better "

Steering wheel with a difference

Rinspeed calls the Budii a " trans-urban concept car ". This is intended to express that the car on the road or off-road has its place. While Budii so annoying takes daily trips independently in attack, the driver should also engage in conscious fun rides at the weekend quite self into the steering wheel. But what does this actually driver? For the latest Rinspeed study that is not so clearly defined in the act. The reason: Budiis steer-by-wire steering wheel is carried by a robotic arm that is able to swiftly switch sides. Compared to last year's study Xchange, the system was revised. The seven-axis unit is not only steering column, but will also serve as a side table or courteous butler if necessary. Driver and front passenger can pick up the tax. And if none of them feel like the valance is easily maneuvered in the middle and Budii moves back by itself.

Air suspension and Terrain scanner

Rinspeed Budii is driven by the electric motor of the BMW i3. He sends 170 hp and 250 newton meters to the rear axle. In 7.2 seconds to go from zero to 100 km / h top speed of 150 km / h and 200 kilometers are in there too. The study is available on Borbet 19-inch wheels and has an air suspension with an adjustment range of 100 millimeters. An up to 70 centimeters extendable and sensors - stocked telescope called Track View provides an accurate 3D perspective of the underground. This will ?? for example in the area ?? Height and suspension adjusted. Also, the driver can detect and avoid obstacles so early, and even autonomous.

Induction, fans and electric scooters

If it goes to Rinspeed must " be sexy and emotionally charged, to be purchased frequent e-Mobile. " But one has plunged the Budii in a light - anthracite finish, the " sparkles like a sparkler. Similarly opulent it comes to the interior of the futuristic crossover. There is a privacy-enhancing fan system or multi-function panels, which include not only the lights but also with other road users communicate. For the cognac-colored lining the interior noble tuner Mansory responsible. work is carried out during the autonomous driving to be inserted plexiglass tables and the mobile phone is of course inductively charged. Per smartphone or-watch also works the operation of the heater or the Batterievorwärmung. and if are no longer to realize the last meters of the journey to the Budii, you just take the two mini electric scooter (including helmet), driving on lateral drawers out of the car . (sw)