Toll-Overview: The cost of Europe

Munich, 6. July 2017

The motorways are full and full: Traditionally, most of the German länder will start in July in the summer holidays. Often it attracts the tourists with the car to other European countries. Just here must be exactly on the issue of toll paid. The car points to the mobile club ADAC.

Cheap by Romania

Now most motorists will know that there are in Austria and Switzerland, so-called "Pickerl" for Attaching to the windshield. However, the prices of the vignettes differ within Europe is enormous. In the popular transit country, Austria, ten days, costs 8.90 Euro, the Two-month toll is at 25.90 Euro. A year costs 86,40 Euro. Seen in this way, the equivalent of 38 Euro for a year on Swiss motorways a lot. But here there is only a vignette for a year. Inconvenient for all, the use of only one to two days, the local highways. The cheapest way to Romania by the way: There are seven days cost the equivalent of three euros.

Almost everyone pays a different

The cost of a point, but difficulty of various complex systems for the collection to come. Who wants to drive around in the centre of Paris, you must order a minimum of three weeks before online a sticker. Countries such as Portugal and Poland in various sections on electronic payment systems by using a Transponder that must be purchased. When you Rent a car, care should be taken. For Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, motorists will need an E-Vignette. You can also be at the frontier acquired, the indicator is registered.

A credit card is worth it

A mandatory Pre-registration on the Internet is for sections in England (London), Ireland (Dublin) and Italy (North of Milan). Also, who is abroad with a car, you should have a credit card. At many toll stations in France, Italy and Spain can only be paid. Speaking of toll booths: A distance-related toll in France, Greece, great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Portugal and Spain. Also in the Non-EU countries Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Turkey and Belarus will be charged on a per-distance.

Not in the Vignette to save

Often there is also a special toll for bridges, tunnels and mountain passes. The best known to Europe is the bridge over the Brenner pass (A 13), here is the easy drive currently costs nine euros. The countries In which there is a Vignette? Bulgaria, Austria, Romania, Switzerland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. Important in the case of taped vignettes, the correct location is, otherwise fines. Anyone who thinks that without the Vignette "black" drive, it can damage his vacation Fund, sometimes significantly. From 120 Euro in Austria, Switzerland, arrived with 190 Euro plus vignette costs and in Slovenia, up to 800 euros. All the important information on the topic of toll can be found in our photo gallery.(rh)