Toll in the Alps

Munich, 11. May 2018

25. June 2018 to begin a vacation in the first of the German länder the summer. Not a few families, it pulls with the car in the South. However, the route over the Alps can be more expensive than I thought. The automobile club ADAC shows in a graphic, which the Tunnel passes and the car loading cost stations extra.

More Expensive Mont Blanc Tunnel

In addition to the highway toll of the country concerned may still incur extra fees. Is the 5.5 km long Bosruck Tunnel in Austria with 5,50 Euro per ride is still quite human, will be called for the 11.6 km long Mont Blanc Tunnel between France and Italy, juicy 44,40 euros. Also, therefore, an advance planning and calculation. An example: you want to go for a week with the Car to Slovenia. 9 euros the 10-day Toll sticker for Austria, added 7,20 Euro per journey through the Karawanken tunnel on the A11. Slovenia dimensions its toll, according to the vehicle height on the front axle. Normal cars have to stay here under 1.30 meters and pay 15 Euro for seven days. A total of 31,20 Euro for one way.

Digital toll with pitfalls

Increasingly, toll stations are digitized by the way. This can be handy if only the indicator needs to be recorded. But it also leads increasingly to technical difficulties with the payment systems, such as in Italy. Not paid toll receivables can be claimed for up to ten years. In Austria, misunderstandings can lead to replacement of toll receivables. Especially in the case of a distance-based toll, such as in Italy and many of the tunnels, it helps to get pre-qualified.

Credit card Trouble in Italy

So it can happen that in Italy if you pay with a credit card, the toll barrier on the highway opens, but the amount was not debited. On the document mancato pagamento "(payment)". In such cases, the nearest "Centro Servizi", "Punto blu" should be sought. The locations are to be found on the website of the toll system "Telepass".(rh)