Timepieces, cars and jets

Crewe ( UK ), July 1, 2015

What happens when a British luxury car manufacturer, a watch maker and the largest civilian aerobatic team in the world unite? They inspire each other and then build something very exclusive: The result then hears the name Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​Breitling Jet Team Series.

Make common cause

Men have long been Bentley and Breitling common cause. So, in the dashboards of automobiles always the precision timepieces from Switzerland. But even the largest civilian aerobatic squadron, the French Breitling Jet Team is sponsored and supported by the watch brand. Globally, seven drivers have been known to race in their L - 39 Albatros jets C only a few meters distance from each other and at almost 1,000 km / h the air.

Inspired basic vehicle aircraft

The Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​Breitling Jet Team Series has now been designed in the look of the aircraft and limited to seven copies. As a basis A standard Continental GT Speed ​​is a six-liter W12 twin-turbo, 635 hp and up to 820 Nm of torque. Equipped with an eight-speed automatic, spurts of British sports colossus in 4.2 seconds from zero to 100 kph and reaches a top speed of 331 km / h.

Color scheme for interior and exterior

The exterior of the special car is designed in a special two-tone paint. Joining them will be a revolving ribbon at the bottom of the body. It is kept in a special shade of yellow from Breitling. This color scheme is continued in the interior. So can be found on the seats, on the gear lever, in the door panels or dashboard also accents in Breitling yellow.

The tip of individualization

But not enough to drive the personalization and exclusivity on the top, carries each of the seven vehicles ?? as the aircraft also ?? its own number. In the dashboard is beyond a picture of all seven jets in a flight formation. The plane of the dash - formation, which bears the same number as the car was marked this in the yellow shade of Breitling.

Vehicle handover with flight

The vehicle handover to the exclusive clientele is not easy on any Händlerhof held: During the Boeing Seafair Airshow on July 31, 2015 Seattle ?? the Breitling Jet Team will also be there on the spot ?? be first presented to the public the seven copies. After the new car owners have taken a sightseeing flight aboard their respective godparents jets, they get handed over the car keys from the pilots of Inspiration flier. What the special model and the costly transfer cost? Certainly more than a VW Golf collect in the Autostadt Wolfsburg ! (ml)