Tiguan competitor to PSA comes

Shanghai (China), 18 April 2017

Citroën unveiled at auto Shanghai the C5 Aircross (19-29 April 2017). The new SUV takes over much of the design of the C3. The French manufacturer but rather compares it to the study of Aircross, which was presented by 2015 in Shanghai and then at the IAA.

A new Tiguan competitor

How long is the newcomer, is not revealed yet. But he is based on the platform of EMP2, on which is based the 4.45 metres-long Peugeot 3008. The wheelbase is five centimeters higher with 2.73 meters. So it is to presume that the C5 Aircross in length puts it five centimeters on the 3008 and lands so that at 4.50 meters. The current C4 Aircross is 4.34 meters, the study of Aircroos amounted to 4.58 meters. Another study called Citroën C Aircross, which was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2017, was with only 4.15 meters, a class lower located he would probably a suitable successor for the C4 cactus.

Cockpit with similarities to the Cactus

The cockpit reminiscent of the style here and the brown tones of the leather the C4 cactus. But the instruments (running as a 12.3-inch display) housed in the dashboard here again conventionally in a "cave", rather than as a Board on the instrument panel. Same applies to the eight inch touch screen in the center of the cockpit. A large glass roof allow plenty of light into the Interior. The wide front seats are heated and equipped with a massage function, back you should have plenty leg room.

All-wheel drive with mode dial

Like when C4 Cactus, the dashboard highlights the width of the vehicle. Also quite wide center console includes an unusually shaped automatic selector switch and a rotating wheel, as determined in the Tiguan for the control of the all-wheel drive and the ESP is similar, as is evident from the symbols on it. Also a key for handbrake, a motor start button and a sport button probably for the election of a driving mode can be found here.

New suspension and plug-in hybrid

"Advanced technologies" to facilitate the driving in the C5 Aircross and provide for high level of comfort. So, the SUV has a suspension with hydraulic stop. This world premiere is to provide a unique street location. The assistance systems include an anti-collision system, a dead-angle-Warner, an Abstandstempomat and a hill descent assist. The Citroën C5 Aircross should be offered also as a first vehicle of brand with plug-in hybrid technology already the study of Aircross gave an indication of their (unrealistically strong) 313-PS-plug-in drive.

China first

The introduction sequence shows once again that Europe is no longer a priority one for many manufacturers: in China the car starts in the October 2017, while we will come only from the end of 2018 in the enjoyment of the novice. (sl)