This is your chance to buy (almost) sixty white Porsches

Should we all put in some money?

A collection with exclusively white Porsches; it's not really original anymore. The Dutch National Police already had this in the 1960s. But don't let the lack of the originality prize stop you from purchasing a few Porsches from The White Collection. There are no fewer than 56 cars to choose from and two tractors, even if the latter are not white.

In 2018 we wrote about the enormous collection of white Porsches from America. Back then there were 'more' sixty pieces, now there are slightly fewer. The Porsche 959, for example, is also missing from the auction and models have been added since 2018, such as a Targa 4S Heritage. The fact remains unchanged that they are all special Porsches.

The least valuable white Porsche is a 924 'Martini Championship Edition'. This should yield around 40,000 euros. Then there is a 944 and the two red tractors that should yield less than a tonne, but for the rest you have to come up with significant amounts. Even a Porsche 914 must yield more than 115,000 euros.

In addition to the two red tractors, there is one red Porsche 356. This is a so-called 'Pre-A' 1500 America Coupe. He also has this one in white. Furthermore, there is too much beauty to choose a favorite. Would you go for a GT2 from 2004 or would you rather go for a Turbo from 1989? Or just for the bright white 918? You can bid at RM Sotheby's on December 1 and 2.

Some additions to The White Collection

If your pockets are deep enough to buy all the Porsches, we have some suggestions to make the collection more complete. For example, a Porsche 911 GT1 Stra├čenversion. Or how about a Carrera GT? And would you have the heart to paint a 911 Sport Classic white?

It is not known why the entire collection is now allowed to go out. It is not publicly known who the owner of The White Collection is. The auction was to be held in Houston. If such a collection has to go out all at once, it is usually not for a good reason. Let's hope the owner has decided to only collect red cars.