This is the Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Goodwood (England), 10. May 2018

Without the SUV there is no longer even in the case of luxury brands. Lamborghini has the Urus, Bentley plans to the Bentayga, and even Ferrari's entry into the Segment. Rolls-Royce presents its Cullinan. You could say he is the first Rolls that can be used to the terrain, but that's not entirely true.

Worth more than rubies

Because even Lawrence of Arabia used in the first world war, several Rolls-Royce, and partly as a pure workhorse, and partly as a armored Four-ton behemoths. Lawrence was satisfied and held: "A Rolls in the desert is worth more than rubies". But, in fact, the Cullinan is not due to the legendary desert warrior, but simply the customer. The seem to want to go on your estate to the nozzles then, without changing your townhouse. And to do this, you need what? Properly, the Cullinan.

On the same Basis as the Phantom

The Name Cullinan is derived from the name for the largest ever found diamonds. He weighed about 600 grams. The Cullinan Rolls-Royce is 2.7 tons, a bit heavier, although the strong aluminum-containing "Architecture of Luxury" provides the Basis – as the new Phantom. The manufacturer stresses that it is a stand-alone Rolls-Royce platform. The base does not come about from such mundane cars like the BMW 7 series or X7. In any case, the platform can scale well: The Cullinan is 5.34 metres equal to 42 inches shorter than the to 5.76-meters-to-ship Phantom, but with 1.84 meters, about 20 inches higher.

Well-known V12, for the first time with all-wheel drive

For the first Time from Rolls-Royce from the rear-wheel drive and equipped the Cullinan (unspecified) four-wheel drive system. As with the Phantom is a 6.75 Liter twin turbo V12 with 571 HP and an eight-speed automatic is used by ZF. Here, the V12 developed 850 Newton-metres of torque, slightly less than the Phantom. The standard fuel consumption is 15 liters per 100 kilometers, a sprint to the value of Rolls-Royce. More important is the issue of comfort. The air suspension works with larger air chambers than the Phantom and has adaptive dampers. A stereo camera System scans the road ahead and prepares the suspension accordingly – it works up to 100 km/h. a four-wheel steering, which should make the car more maneuverable.

Box-Like Basic Shape

The basic form of the Cullinan is box-like. The Grill has the brand-typical temple Form, the Spirit of Ecstasy is, however, not on the Grill, but a little further back on the hood. The headlights look similar to the Phantom, your Laser-light irradiation of 600 meters. The side of a silver frame around the window on the stresses of the Square, the large glass surfaces. Open the doors like the Phantom in opposite directions and close at the push of a button. To Get the lowers on 22-inch tyres rolling Cullinan to four inches.

For the first time a touch screen

In the Cockpit, the driver's instrument display, which offers its content in real (not just displayed), chrome rings. The Central display is performed for the first Time in Rolls-Royce as a touch screen. Alternatively, is it to use a "rotary-Push control knob" in the center console. In addition, an off-road button is located. After this is pressed, you can select the substrate, for example, slopes, gravel, wet Grass, mud, snow or Sand. The driving comfort of a heated increase steering Wheel and seats with heating and Ventilation. But also the armrests in the doors are in the front and the back, the middle armrest front and rear, as well as the lower part of the C-pillar is heated.

Passengers and Luggage to be separated strictly

For the rear you can choose between two single seats. This Version contains a centre console with a drinks Cabinet, the Whisky glasses, champagne flutes and an ice maker. The three-seat rear bench emphasizes more on the family-friendliness. In both versions, a solid partition separated the passengers from their Luggage – a first in the SUV Segment. The separation is intended to provide acoustic advantages and the interior is also air-conditioned when the tailgate is opened. The trunk offers a volume of 600 to 1.930 Liter.

The first Rolls with tailgate

Speaking of tailgate: Which is the sedan of the brand Rolls-Royce, a hitherto completely unknown Feature. At the push of a button it opens in two parts – similar to the BMW X5. For the trunk, you can order various "leisure-time modules", for example, for Hobbies, such as drones, fly fishing, photography, Climbing, snowboarding, Parasailing, kite surfing or Base-Jumping. Each module contains an electrically extendable drawer for the equipment. With the "Cullinan Viewing Suite" you can have two leather-covered seats at the rear opening out. So you should be able to, for example, equestrian events, to better follow up on. This type of pastime is likely to interest the target audience rather than the price. The should move to the 350,000 euros.(sl)