This is the new Subaru Forester

New York (USA), 29. March 2018

The new Subaru Forester will be better, where there is expect Crossover buyers to the most: the space and fuel economy. The Forester debuted recently at the New York Auto Show in 2018 (28. March to 9. April) and will come – at least in the USA – this year on the market. As you can see from the pictures, Subaru received by the Styling of all the big risks. The new Forester doesn't look serious differently than the old one. Something fresher shapes and lines, a new lighting design and new 17 - or 18-inch wheels have to do. Finally, we had criticised that none of the extremely exciting Viziv studies, the Subaru has, for years, to car shows, in the series. A further proof? Pretty please! After all, quite a lot happens under the sheet metal.

More Space

The 2018er Forester switches on the new Subaru Global Platform (SGP), which we could see for the first time with the new Impreza and XV. In the future, all Subarus should use this platform. Good for the space-savvy Crossover clientele: The Forester is growing. There are just under three inches more wheelbase (2.67 meters), thus increasing the legroom is increased back to 3.6 cm. Also, the head - and shoulder room to grow. Similarly, the maximum load volume. It is increased by about 50 well-to 1,650 liters. In practice, probably much more important: The loader room Opening grows to about 13 inches to 1.30 meters, and the trunk floor is flat. In addition, the rear doors open and the C-pillar is steeper. Who often children, inviting seats will appreciate this.

Revised Boxer for North America

So it should make it almost fun to load up the new Forester. To give him a ride, apparently. Although he is 220 millimeters of ground clearance at the level of very all-terrain SUVs, should he continue to drive more like a car. Of course, you get Subaru's permanent all-wheel drive. What you also a Torque Vectoring System and three driving modes (Intelligent, Sport and Sport#) is get. For the North American market, the 2.5-Liter has been reworked boxer engine easily. He now delivers 182 HP and 240 Newton-meters, twelve HP and three Newton meters more than in the past. Which is coupled with a CVT transmission, which also features a manual mode with seven gears. In Germany the Forester was offered with two 2.0-litre petrol engines (150 and 240 HP) and a 147-HP Diesel. Whether it remains, is still unknown.

Quiet and chic

According to Subaru engineers have also worked to reduce noise and vibration in the interior of the Forester. A welcome Update considering that the current model is quite shirt-sleeved on-the-go than the competition. The interior benefits from new, more comfortable front seats, a heated seats for the rear, a standard automatic climate control and a built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot. Also, the manual hand brake, which improves the storage space in the center console.

EyeSight is series

The safety systems in the new Forester has drilled Subaru also. Subaru EyeSight System with adaptive cruise control, emergency braking assistant and lane keeping assistant is standard. From the factory, the Forester comes with a 6.5-inch infotainment screen. Higher equipment an Eight-inch Touchscreen with optional navigation function. What time is the 2018er-Forester comes to Germany, is not yet known. The prices are not fixed yet.(sw)