This is the new Glickenhaus SCG004S

Sleepy Hollow (USA), 20. November 2017

What you see here is the new one dough model of the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus. It is a mid-engine super sports car with Carbon Chassis, Carbon body and a 650 horsepower Biturbo V8. Also: a McLaren F1-style Three-seat arrangement and a manual transmission. All for the bargain price of at least 400,000 US dollars (about 339.000 Euro). A base model as it appears in the book, so ...

Glickenhaus can quickly

Glickenhaus, because what was that!? Properly, if you stretch crazy-beautiful Italo-tributes and long races are interested in, then you this American manufacturer should be a term. 2004 magnate James Glickenhaus, the man behind the Pininfarina P4/5, a single piece that paid tribute to the 1960s-P3 race car tribute, and the sports car world enchanted. Finally, you have to first come to the idea of a Ferrari Enzo apart crop, to build it into a Retro racer. In the meantime, the car is regarded as a Design masterpiece. Elements of this design fins later in the P4/5C on the Basis of a Ferrari F430 GT race car. Only 18 months after the first idea of the car in the 24-hour fleet-race at the Nürburgring. The most famous Glickenhaus product is probably the SCG003, since in 2015, the 24-hour race part and 2017, even as the Pole Position. The Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus is not a blank slate when it comes to quick driving a car.

Not a classic beauty

But back to the new SCG004S. Not a particularly nice Name for a super sports car. Evil tongues would say that he fits seamlessly into the Design of the vehicle. With his significant Overbite and almost comic looking-glass dome of the new Glickenhaus acts are not sexy, but it should set aerodynamic standards. After all, The fat Openings, the GT in a broken C-pillar and the wind to the rear over the rear wheel forward, reminiscent of the new Ford.

Not even 1,200 kilograms of heavy

However, the SCG004S is significantly lighter than this. And also as most of the other cars in its category. Thanks to its Carbon construction it weighs just times 1.179 pounds. Even a McLaren 650S is almost 250 pounds heavier. The V8, with its 650 horsepower and 720 Newton meters should have a very easy game. In spite of double charging Glickenhaus promises to be a red area, with about 8.200 U/min dizzying heights. Driving performance the Americans, not to mention, by the way. However, we see in the very classically drawn Cockpit with its many instrument an open switch setting for the standard six-speed manual transmission. But if a paddle shift installed in the transmission.

Pre-production Version 2019

As the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus is reported to be mid-2018 with a moving Prototype of the SCG004S on the road. The first 25 "Founder's Edition"vehicles are to be delivered in 2019. The owners of these copies should exclusively be selected, and also suggestions for improvement for the series to bring in models. Sounds like a very expensive Guinea pig Status, is likely to meet the chosen one, but probably not with any amount of Pride. In 2020, it then goes into series production. The Plan is to produce until 2021 250 cars in a year. GT3 and GTE/racing the racing versions will emerge in the short or long also. The aim of the participation in the 24 hours of Le Mans.(sw)