This is the Mercedes-AMG Project One

Frankfurt, 11. September 2017

It is finally here. Before the Start of the Frankfurt IAA, 2017 Mercedes boss Dieter Zetsche has revealed the all-new Mercedes-AMG project One Hypercar. And Yes, it is as impressive as expected. The things that interest you probably the most: 0-200 km/h in under six seconds (the Bugatti Chiron is specified with 6.5 seconds), a maximum speed of more than 350 km/h, more than 1,000 HP. And up to 25 kilometers purely electric range are also still in there. "This vehicle, all previous performance limits at AMG and Mercedes look small", said Zetsche. The Project One was the most efficient Hypercar of its kind.

More efficient than pretty

Clearly, the basic form of the Mercedes-AMG Project One, we have already seen in various Teaser photos. About the engine, we knew a little bit what. But this is our first official look at Affalterbach Hyper-Hypercar. The Project One must be pretty much the most complicated car that will ever get a number plate. He is not necessarily a natural beauty, rather a very aerodynamically shaped design. This Benz is hugging the road. The body is a carbon fiber Monocoque. We see a rather angry, monstrous air intakes lassige Front, a dramatically shaped butt with ultra-wide rear lights and two-piece rear wing, as well as a huge roof scoop, which feeds the 1.6-Liter Hybrid V6 with air.

Drive the F1 cars

Yes, this Motor, you can find quite similar in the service car of Lewis Hamilton. Okay, with 11,000 rpm (!) he turns a little less than the F1 car, but he must also keep the "a bit" longer and get "only" Super Plus. At 50,000 kilometres should be done according to AMG, the first Revision. The V6 itself has minimize a turbo lag-the electric turbocharger (MGU-H). For added Hybrid Boost of the V6 is connected to a crankshaft located in the 160-HP E-Motor (MGU-K). The power delivered to the rear wheels flows in "," 671 HP. Mercedes-AMG speaks of a throttle response to be better than a V8-sucker. In the end, this is not a long time, because the Swabians also treat each of the two front wheels, a separate electric motor. Also, this electric motor has 160 HP and turning up to 50,000 trips. According to Zetsche, up to 80 percent of the braking recuperating energy and the Lithium-ion batteries. The battery itself weighs a good 100 pounds and also corresponds to that of the Mercedes-AMG-F1-cars. However, you will be operating for the "everyday" in Project One, about four times as large. The Hypercar is also working with an 800-Volt drive system. Is currently practice, a voltage of 400 volts.

The 2.7 million Euro

Like a proper Hypercar, the production volume of the Mercedes-AMG Project One is severely limited: It will give to 275 copies at a price of 2,275 million euros plus taxes (so about 2.7 million euros). If you believe the rumors and not hear a little Dieter Zetsche ("the phone in Affalterbach stands still"), then the Project One is likely to be sold out, however, for a long time. "This means that we need to make some car lovers sad, while a few are likely to burst from happiness, I think," said Zetsche.

Push-Rod Damper

What concerns the Chassis, you would expect the Mercedes-AMG Project One also absolute delicatessen. Front and rear, there is multi-link designs, a coilover suspension with push-rod-absorbers. The new, automated eight-speed manual transmission as the V6 engine is load-bearing function, which relates to the recording of the rear Suspension. A newly developed lightweight forged centerlock wheel, and Carbon-part cover comes in the front 10x19 inch and rear 12x20 inches. As standard Michelin Cup 2 Tires in 285 or 335er execution. A Carbon ceramic brake system is also Standard.

The interior is rather Spartan

Inside, in the Project One surprisingly sober and functional. As with the Ford GT, the bucket seats are integrated (after all, with adjustable backrest) in the Monocoque. Adjustable steering Wheel and pedals. There is a steering Wheel that looks strong, according to formula 1, two Ten-inch display, air conditioning, and no rear window. This penalty is offset by the roof-mounted camera. The Mercedes-AMG-project is everything we expected: A high-tech push at the boundaries of road car technology. This fascinating machine brings the formula 1 to the streets, literally. You can find more pictures in our gallery.(sw)