This is the Honda Sports Vision GT

Los Angeles (USA), 10. November 2017

Honda's long-awaited Baby-NSX is finally here, and actually, he's not a Baby NSX. At least none that you can buy at some point and also in reality. The design study called the Honda Sports Vision GT was designed for the new PlayStation racing simulator Gran Turismo Sport.

Even a 1:1 model was built

The Styling was made in Honda's design studios in Los Angeles. The vehicle development was held in Japan. The aerodynamic properties using computer simulations and in the wind were refined channel. For the Tests in the wind tunnel, even a 1:1 built model. If the car is, however, ever come as a production car on the road, remains uncertain.

Almost 410 horsepower and rear-wheel drive

Data there are, nevertheless, already: The body is made (of course only theoretically) completely made of carbon fiber, so that the entire vehicle would only bring 899 kilograms. Is powered, the digital Renner by a 2.0-Liter four-cylinder turbo diesel with just under 410 HP. The power is routed through an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission to the rear wheels.(ml)