This is the all-new Volvo S60

Charleston (USA), 21. June 2018

In the case of Volvo, it runs. The renewal of our model range continues with the unfamiliar Speed. And the success shows that the right direction. The latest temptation from the Scandinavian candy store, you see here. It is the mid-size sedan Volvo S60. This car makes a lot of things differently. And much for the first Time. Say Hello to the first Volvo to be built in the United States. In the company's own factory in Charleston, South Carolina. And say Hello to the first Volvo that can't get a diesel engine.

A Three-Time Hybrid

Volvo pulls through with his Plan to send the Diesel to the eternal hunting grounds, in fact. Five versions of the new S60 will be yet. Use all of the well-known 2.0-Liter gasoline engine with eight-speed automatic. The entry of the turbocharged S60 T5 marked with 250 HP. In the S60 T6, there is an additional compressor, and 60 HP more. A four-wheel drive. Well, and then the Plug would be there still-in Hybrid: for the First time, Volvo offers a T6 Twin Engine with 340 HP system output. For this purpose, the well-known T8 Twin Engine, which puts it in the S60 to 390 HP. And if that's not enough: Polestar cares even a little bit to the T8, missed him brakes 405 HP, as well as improvements in wheels, steering, suspension and the engine and transmission control. The Polestar T8 comes in 4.7 seconds to 100 km/h, the normal T8 needs 4.9 seconds.

"Real Drivers Car"

Volvo Boss Hakan Samuelsson recognizes in the new S60 "one of the most exciting models we've ever built." And development Manager Henrik Green sees it as "a true driver's car" and "one of the best sports sedans on the market." Well, the latter we will have to find out. It is, however, that the new S60 is based on Volvo's scalable SPA platform, which is also under the XC90, V90, XC60, and co.. Thus, the whole Armada of Swedish high-security technology and semi-Autonomous driving AIDS is connected. Inside, the S60 also remind a lot of its bigger sibling. High-quality materials and the typical Tablet touch screen.

S60 with Abo System

Also, the new S60, the Scandinavians offer a subscription-like "Care by Volvo"-System. For a fixed monthly amount you receive for the car, the insurance, the maintenance, and everything else. Except for petrol, of course. A classic buying (or Leasing, or financing) is of course still there. Prices for the S60, however, are not yet known.(sw)