The Special 1 series for China is here

Shenyang (China), 27 February 2016

Already in July 2016 we have reported about it, now it has come: BMW sold in China now a limousine version of the 1 series. We tell you who is behind the model and what technical details brings the sedan with it, now.

On the basis of the active tourer

Produced and sold the China-1er is by BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd., short BBA. The sedan to support Chinese engineers at the company headquarters in Munich has been developed. The notchback-1er 2 mm is shorter than an Audi A3 sedan, two and a half centimeters longer than a BMW 2 Coupé and 12.7 centimeters longer than a normal hatchback-1er 4.456 millimeters in length. The wheelbase of 2,670 millimeters suggests the close relationship to the 2 active tourer, gearing with the wheels exactly so far apart.

Typical BMW design

The design of the new model focuses strictly on the brands brothers. Twin round headlights, large air intakes, and last but not least the wide radiator grille kidney make it clear: here comes a true BMW. The tail is appropriately styled and holds no surprises. In the Interior there are the typical BMW ingredients: a driver-oriented cockpit, high-quality materials and the very good iDrive Infotainment System.

The engines of the sedan

There are three different drive units available for the new 1 Series Sedan. The entry-level model is the 118i with a 1.5-liter three-cylinder and 136 HP. A six-speed Steptronic transmission puts the power to the front axle. The 120i 192 HP with a two-liter four-cylinder is slightly more Here, the transmission has eight gears. The top model is the 125i, who also draws vivid 231 HP out of a two-litre turbo. In 6.8 seconds from standstill to 100, is only at 250 km/h.

Three versions of the equipment

To allow a certain degree of individualisation customers, BMW in addition to the basic model offers a "sport line" and a "luxury line". There's a variety of paint colors, wheels and interior options similar to the German model. How deep do Chinese customers for the 1 Series Sedan in the Pocket, is not yet known at the time. (mf)