The slightly different RV

Glendale ( USA ), 19 August 2014

Bran Ferren is head designer at a U.S. company called Applied Minds. Applied Minds builds expedition, research or film vehicles for industry and government. Large, unusual, technical fairly sophisticated vehicles. Now, says the story behind the vehicle that we present you here is that Ferren wanted to build the really big thing for his four years and apparently quite adventurous daughter. So he took advantage of the favorable job situation and designed the KiraVan. The Triple Whopper among the campers will be ready end of 2014, a rather remarkable impression of KiraVan we get but now.

1,100 Newton meters, 23.5 tons

Tractor for the accumulated adventure is a Mercedes Unimog U500 with adjustable air suspension and a 6.4 - liter turbo diesel R6, which provides 280 hp and 1,100 Nm of torque plump. Since then a Unimog is usually something small yes, stretched to the frame and put a four-door cab and a receiver for a trailer on it. The associated trailer increases the overall length of the men's toy on car washes - disabled 15.85 meters. The total weight is 23.5 tonnes for the road. In difficult terrain the KiraVan must weigh at least 19.3 metric tons. So the juice does not run out, has the KiraVan a 770 liter diesel tank, two 34 - horsepower diesel generators, extra large battery packs and solar panels on the roof. 3200 km range sound reasonable. And so the crew during it to its knees, hoarding the extreme mobile a three-man food for up to three weeks.

Heavy and thirsty

Selbige spend the night at two levels and will enjoy a large bathroom, a lounge, a kitchen and a well-equipped research laboratory. The KiraVan even has its own incinerator. In addition, a radar system, a mobile Internet access and ?? if there is time to explore just outside the posh vehicle combination ?? several remote-controlled probes and the KiraBike ( Enduro with a three-cylinder diesel from the Smart). The cockpit of the KiraVan acts like a cross between a cruise ship and transatlantic aircraft. Eleven displays, six of them with touch screen, show all relevant data in 3D look. A monumental radio system provides communication at all times. For the connection to Underground has addition to the two driven axles of the Unimog, incidentally, also a driven axle on the trailer. The KiraVan rolls on kevlar reinforced, 46-inch and 395 mm wide tires from Michelin. These can be filled while driving by a compressor. And if all else fails, to help shiftable chain systems. The price for this unique RV dream is not out yet, a few million dollars is one but probably have to shell out . ( sw )