The Roadster is shorter and easier

Leverkusen, September 4, 2014

A quarter century after the first start is the Mazda MX - 5 in its fourth generation. With big events, the manufacturer has in the night of the 4th of September, the new edition in Barcelona ( Spain ), Tokyo ( Japan ) and Monterey ( USA ) unveiled at the same time. At the Paris Motor Show ( 2 to 19 October 2014), the Roadster will then be in the spotlight again. At this point, it should also give more information.

World 's best-selling roadster

The first, introduced in 1989 version sparked a renaissance of small open two-seater. With over 940,000 sold worldwide from 1989 to 2014, the car is the best-selling roadster. With a current starting price of under 23.000 Euros, the car remained ?? affordable only the Mini Roadster is a few hundred euros cheaper. The base price refers to the MX - 5 Roadster with a 126 - horsepower gasoline engine. In addition, there is a second body version with a hardtop Roadster Coupe. If you want more power, in both body versions can buy a two-liter with 160 hp.

The central theme: Lightweight

The topic of driving fun was not lost on the new generation of the eyes, so Mazda. Lightweight thereby plays an important role. The MX - 5 has become larger and heavier to generation by the manufacturer of generation. Now you want to go in the opposite direction: the car should be lighter than 100 pounds. For this purpose, hood, trunk lid, front fenders and the bumper beam are made of aluminum, and the soft top is now easier. The new version has a length of only 3.92 meters ?? about ten centimeters less than previously ?? otherwise good conditions for more agility. Width and height change only minimally.

New Skyactiv engines

As usual, get the MX - 5 is a front - mid-engine and rear-wheel drive. The longitudinally mounted drive unit was more central than previously arranged. For use gasoline direct injection engine from the Skyactiv - G family. What units are used exactly has not yet announced, but the two-liter engines with 120 and 165 hp from the Mazda 3 might be appropriate. Thus, a new six-speed transmission and a six-speed automatic are combined. Front is a double-wishbone axle in the rear a multi-link suspension.

More central seating position

The focus should now be lower than before. The hood falls from now lower, which should improve visibility along with thinner A-pillars. The A-pillars and the driver's cab are also a piece moved back so that the occupants are sitting centrally. From the interior wind deflectors are mentioned which are intended to enhance the driving pleasure with the top down, and speakers in the headrests. Also the connectivity system MZD Connect is offered with which the Internet is possible. The price was not yet announced the market launch will be in the third quarter of 2015 . ( sl )