The quietest Tesla in the world comes from Bulgaria

Sofia (Bulgaria), 27 December 2016

The tuner Vilner in the Bulgarian Sofia has emerged several times with interesting cars. Now the team has once again a model of Tesla adopted. The last work for 2016 is based on a model X in the version P90D. It is around 200 HP with 773 HP more than a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, caused only a fraction of the cost of the ride: the 90-kilowatt battery to recharge costs around 25 euros, but for a 100-litre tank filling you'll pay around 130 euro. With a Sprint time of 3.5 seconds, also not a slow car is the Tesla

Noise insulation of par excellence

The emphasis at the tuning was but also not as usual on the driving performance, but on a different weight of the electric car: low driving noise. The requesting client wanted an even quieter ride. The Vilner team disassembled the car and realized how good was the noise insulation already at the factory. But the engineers made it even better. The quietest Tesla interior of the world to have resulted from additional insulation in strategic places, here.

Turquoise details inside and out

Otherwise, the Interior got turquoise details the color should stand for the electric drive. The pattern used to represent printed circuit boards circuit, complemented by the companies typical V by Vilner. Externally, the car at first glance seems hardly changed. But since the client's car had a carbon fiber package, Vilner added even more carbon fiber elements: a front spoiler lip, exterior mirror caps, and a rear spoiler with T-logo in turquoise. In the same color light the brake calipers, complemented by a new finish for the 20-inch alloy wheels in Matt silver. And the tuning forge not renounced even the hallmark: every car gets a sports bag matching design to. In the present case is made of fine leather and has similar turquoise embellishments such as the seats and a carbon handle. (sl)