The new range Rover is Velar

Schwalbach, 22 February 2017

In 1970 came the first range Rover on the market and the class of the luxury SUV was born. Nearly half a century later the British manufacturer wants to talk again an innovation by itself make. What therefore awaits us, is now advertised with a first tea image: the fourth series in the range Rover model family. Curtain on the range Rover Velar.

Historical naming

At the christening of the new Velar scrolls back the manufacturer throughout the company's history. In the late sixties the engineers looking for a Tarnnamen for the 26 series models of the first range Rover. They opted for "Velar" derived from the Latin 'velare' for "cover" or "hide". Now the name is again being dusted. For the new Member of the SUV family, which supposed to take sport and Range Rover Evoque place between Range Rover. So, we expect a vehicle length of 4.60 metres.

Sparse information, Premiere ahead of Geneva

Range Rover remains us comprehensive information about the new model but for the time being guilty. He should be "suitable for any occasion, ready for any terrain". And Designchef Gerry McGovern is according to "the new Velar of the avant-garde Range Rover". "He enriched the brand with a new dimension in glamour, modernity and elegance", so McGovern continues. The manufacturer at the premiere announces more tangible details to the Velar in London on 1 March 2017. Then, the vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show (March 9-19) will be to see. (ml)