The new Lotus is faster than a Porsche 911 GT3

Hethel (UK), 26. July 2017

More power makes you on to the Straight faster, less weight makes you faster: The confession of faith of Lotus-founder Colin Chapman led the engineers to the latest model. The Evora GT430 is the most powerful street-legal model of the Lotus story, but only of lightweight construction and sophisticated aerodynamics ensure the full potential.

436 horsepower and sophisticated aerodynamics

Is driven to the newcomer as the weaker versions of the Evora 400, and Evora sports 410 from the well-known 3.5-Liter V6 that delivers 436 HP. This is 30 HP more than the Evora 400, and 20 HP more than the Evora sports 410. Of the weaker brethren, the newcomer stands out through the eye-catching rear wing. Together with further aerodynamic improvements, it provides up to 250 pounds of downforce at top speed of 305 km/h. For guiding the flow there are larger air holes in the Front, a new Splitter, a large diffuser and air outlets above the front wheel arches and to the rear wheels.

In 3.8 seconds to 100 kph

With only 1.299 pounds of empty weight of the car is also the so far lightest Evora. Weight exhaust and carbon components was saved by a Titan on the inside and the outside. Front and rear shock absorber, but also the roof, tailgate, diffuser and wing are made of carbon fiber, the rear window is made of polycarbonate. This brought 35 pounds, but wider wheels and tires, as well as the rear wing lowered the weight a bit again on the rise. Overall, however, 26 kilos were saved compared to the Sport 410. The new coupe reaches the Tempo-100-brand two-tenths sooner than the 3.8 seconds blade are in the data. This is minimally faster than a Porsche 911 GT3 with its 500 HP can run.

Adjustable Wheel Slip

The suspension will be in train and rebound adjustable Ohlins shock absorbers and springs from Eibach. Perforated brake discs (front, 370 mm, rear 350 mm), with four-piston Calipers for the delay. A Torsen limited-slip differential allows for higher speeds at the curve exit. The four ESP-modes (Drive, Sport, Race and Off), to give the driver more control. In the Race - or-Off mode, the maximum slip of the wheels can also be in one of five levels.

Suspender belts and roll bar

The GT430 is on tire type Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2, with the dimensions 245/35 R19 front and 295/30 R20 at the rear. Wheels made of forged aluminum are standard – either in Black or in silver. Inside there are Carbon racing Seats, optional pants, belts carrier, and a roll-bar made of titanium offered. An Alcantara-leather upholstery with two-tone contrast of Red and White series is the seams. For more everyday usability of a touch-screen Infotainment with navigation and rearview camera display optional.

Almost as expensive as a 911 GT3

The Evora GT430 is only available in a two-seater version. Only 60 pieces will be built. You can order now, prices start from 151.000 euros. Thus, the Lotus is not only similar to that of the 911 GT3, but also almost as expensive. On the other Evora models, it comes in considerably cheaper: The Evora 400 will cost 96,000 euros, the Evora sports 410 is 108.500 Euro.(sl)