The new electro-beats the Tesla Model sports car.

Gaydon (UK), 27. June 2017

In October 2015 Aston Martin had shown a study of the Rapidly. Now, the British brand confirmed that the purely electrically powered Version of the four-door V12 sports car will Rapidly become a reality.

Only 155 Pieces

Already in 2015, it was said that the Rapidly developed together with Williams Advanced Engineering in Grove (Oxfordshire). Now Aston announces Martin: The car will be built from 2019 – but only in a small series of 155 pieces. The RapidE will be the first pure electric car brand.

Standard sprint in 4.4 seconds?

Details of the engine and driving performance are not yet revealed, but Aston Martin promises the dynamics of the Rapide S. The a Tempo-100-Sprint would be in 4.4 seconds and a top speed of 327 km/h. You can be skeptical as to whether such a Maximum speed is obtained at an electric car a lot of sense – the battery would be empty very quick. More likely to come Rapidly close to the torque of the Rapide S (630 Newton meters).

The Model suggests, the RapidE S?

If you take Aston Martin's comparison with the Rapide S seriously, would be to follow the Rapidly the top version of the Model S: The Model S P100D reached a speed of 100 after 2.7 seconds, the RapidE only after 4.4 seconds. But that Aston Martin is the US competition so clearly failed, it is hard to imagine. Our tip: The British will get out of the RapidE, what is going on – and salted prices. The Tesla Model S P100D, there are about 160,000 euros. There is no reason not to sell Rapidly for 200,000 euros. So much for finally, the V12 Rapid, and he also sells ...(sl)