"The netherlands is flooded with German diesels"

Now the German dieselrijders by all kinds of premiums and measures to become more attractive to their 'old' diesel in exchange, threaten many of these cars to the Netherlands.

At least, that is what Steven van Eijck from the industry organization RAI Vereniging, compared to RTL News would have declared. The German measures, which owners of older diesel cars at a premium of an average of € 6,000 is yours, could cause up to 1.2 million German diesel cars in the sale. A significant part of the German supply comes traditionally in the Netherlands, precisely because the import of cars with a higher replacement value due to the high tax on new cars here can be attractive.

According to Van Eijck there last year, 34 this is not surprising, because the cars were already 40 percent cheaper than the Dutch gekentekende diesel Van Eijck is, of course, not happy with the situation, and told RTL: "Through the backdoor, there is a threat now dirty diesels to come