The most technically advanced small car ever?

Cologne, 5 December 2016

Ford introduces the new Fiesta as a "technologically advanced small car in the world". That sounds quite full bodied, especially, when you consider how much for example already technology Polo in the VW or in the new Nissan Micra. We have gives us an overview and introduce the new systems.

The most advanced small car ever?

Especially modern assistance systems to the Middle 2017 launching new Fiesta including technology, which "has never existed in similar form in a high-volume small car in Europe" offer. The wizards are based on twelve ultrasound modules, two cameras and three radar sensors in the maximum expansion stage. Together, they monitor a 360-degree rotation around the Fiesta and scan the next 130 meters from the car at straight ahead.

Pedestrian detection and parking brake Assistant

The sensors provide among other things the input for a collision avoidance system, which prevents head-on with vehicles and pedestrians or weakens. Special feature: The pre-collision assist detects people on or right next to the road, and that (by using the headlights) per camera at night. Also the parking Assistant is unusual. He does not just automatically search a parking lot crosswise or lengthwise to the direction of travel and boost on the steering wheel. In addition to the Steering he assumes also the brake and prevents so Park bump at low speeds.

Traffic sign detection and cross traffic Warner

Also a traffic sign recognition is offered. It recognizes different speed limits for individual lanes if they are shown on overhead above the road surface. Extras also include a high-beam Assistant. He detects oncoming vehicles behind a fortified central reservation and prevents so that truck drivers are displayed. A first for small cars is also the cross traffic warning, which warns other road users when the rear poking out from parking bays. A total of 15 Wizard include also an Abstandstempomat, a blind spot assist, as well as a lane.

Operation via Ford Sync 3

The old Fiesta had only a small 4.2-inch display. Instead of this mouse cinemas has the new one depending on version 6.5 - or 8.0-inch display with the look of a tablet computer. Also the wiper movements known by the mobile support the touch screen. The voice control Sync 3 (known from the edge) is also available. You respond to commands such as "I need coffee", "I must soak up" or "I'm looking for a parking space" with corresponding Navi offers. The system is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android car and supported apps. A Bluetooth interface in all versions belongs to the standard equipment, as well as two USB ports.

New Save button

New is also the eco button between the front seats. With him, idle, gas pedal curve, turbocharger characteristic and switching recommendations on fuel saving can be trim. Overall technology offering is in fact notable, it should be currently really unique. But the competition never sleeps: even the new Micra offers an emergency brake function with pedestrian detection, lane keeping and dead angle Assistant and a traffic sign recognition, and he has even a 360-degree all-round visibility system. (sl)