The look not only evil, which can also

St. Valentin (Austria), 22 March 2017

Tractors do not belong to our favorite topics Yes actually, but if they look like the ACV study by the manufacturer case IH, we gladly make an exception. Especially since the Black-Red Tractor look not only evil, but also what can: he drives namely autonomously of the field. Hence the name of ACV, the abbreviation stands for autonomous concept vehicle, so autonomous concept vehicle.

Driverless on the floe

The idea behind the design and engineering study is simple: A machine can more accurately work as a man, especially when it comes to sture tasks. So a tractor, which controlled centimetres exactly above the field curves of a GPS, not only fuel and labor, but may even fertilisers or seed saving. And if he goes on top still driverless on the floe, the farmer can remain even at home in the warm oven. So the ACV didn't even have a driver's cab, which allows for an amazing look. As the tractor can be used at night, Schönwetterperioden can also be used out better.

2.5 centimetres exactly

In the ACV works limited a ultra-precise GPS variant, the deviations to less than 2.5 centimeters. The farmer on his tablet or Office PC can always see through a telematics system where the tractor is currently located, what he does and even how much fuel still in the tank. He can also control the vehicle. In addition, the ACV with proximity sensors, radar and LIDAR (a distance measurement per laser) is equipped. The tractor approaches an obstacle, it stops automatically. The farmer will be alerted and can decide on the basis of the camera images whether the tractor must wait or may continue for example because it is only some straw.

Advances in the precision farming

The study shows progress in the so-called precision farming. In the 1990s, farmers could use GPS-based systems, which showed the income of different areas on the field. Later were then advanced navigation systems in cars in many tractors. You could thus avoid overlap and misses for editing. But here too, the farmer must sit still on the block. The ACV eliminates even this limitation.

Soon reality?

Currently this is still a concept of the tractor, but he is already being tested by farmers. With the proliferation of partially autonomous driving in cars, the necessary technology will be cheaper. So, case IH believes that at least individual elements of the study can soon become a reality. (sl)