Dodge Avenger

The Dodge Avenger took place in 2007 for the second time input in the product catalog from the American manufacturer Dodge. Already between 1995 and 2000 was offered with the Dodge Avenger a car the Sport Coupe. The current Dodge Avenger can, however, with the former model did not compare. For one, it is in the current version is a four-door notchback sedan, on the other hand, the technical refinements which the American engineers have come up with much more advanced and modern than the Coupé. Already the Dodge Avenger engine this is without doubt expressed. Four petrol engines and a diesel Dodge Avenger offers of the General Motors group belonging to the manufacturer Dodge Avenger. However, only two of which are currently available in Europe, while the Dodge Avenger 2.4, 2.7 and Dodge Avenger Dodge Avenger 3.5 are only found on the North American market. In Europe, the selection is limited to a Dodge Avenger 2.0 petrol and a 2.0 diesel. The gasoline engine with five-speed circuit has an output of 156 hp and maximum torque of 190 Nm, the combined fuel consumption is 7.8 liters in the normal range. The Dodge Avenger diesel, a 2.0 turbo diesel with a six speed gearbox, produces a power of 140 hp and maximum torque of 310 Nm. With a fuel consumption of just 6.2 liters, the diesel model is very economical. Amazing for a Dodge sedan is available (R / T AWD) all wheel drive. The sporty suspension should serve not only the fun, but thanks to sports steering and ESP also be safe. Viewed from the front reveals the Avenger with its aggressive body lines be Dodge heritage at first sight. The brand's familiar crosshair grille and large, modern, square headlights in black housings contribute their part to the evil eye of the Dodge Avenger. Its chrome grille with black structures underlines the serious, expressive appearance of the sedan.